Compounding is the true art of pharmacy

Compounded medications are those that are custom designed to fulfill a doctor's more specific order or crafted to your own personal needs.

Whether it is because a certain strength or dosage form is commercially unavailable or perhaps there are additives in the commercial product to which you are allergic, whatever the reason, compounded medications may be the alternative answer.

Lone Pine Compounding Pharmacy compounds medications for many reasons, including:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Hard-to-Find or Unavailable Medications
  • Combination Preparations
  • Novel Dosage Forms
  • Changes in Route of Administration

Lone Pine Compounding Pharmacy has only been around since 2011, but we have already made a name for ourselves when it comes to compounding—specifically hormone replacement therapy. Our compounded hormone replacement products are second-to-none. Independently tested by an off-site laboratory, Lone Pine Compounding Pharmacy's compounded hormone replacement products have been shown to be of superior accuracy, and our patients (and their providers) have given us rave reviews.

Ask your healthcare provider if a compounded medication is right for you, and if so, call Lone Pine Compounding Pharmacy to see if we can make it for you. Lone Pine Compounding Pharmacy is more than willing to work with you and your healthcare provider to give you the custom quality of care that you deserve!

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